Tips for creating photo-books

See Lulu's Lulu's Photobook FAQs. Lulu, understandably in the new and changing world of on-line self-publishing, often makes changes to its processes and procedures. Lulu's FAQs should be up-to-date. Any tips we can offer are based on our experiences and may become out-of-date.

  • If you don't want a caption on a page, consider making your photo full page without a border.
  • error_icon.gif If you see this icon on your photo in the photobook, don't use that photo. The image quality is not good enough.
  • alert_icon.gif If you see this icon, you can use the photo. The icon is a warning that the edges of the photo will be trimmed. This is to do with the auto resizing of photos, and the shape of the photo in relation to the shape of the page. If there is nothing crucial near the edges of the photo, use the photo. The dimensions likely to be affected are listed at Lulu's Photobook FAQ.