Tips for creating paperback books

See Lulu's Book FAQ. Lulu, understandably in the new and changing world of on-line self-publishing, often makes changes to its processes and procedures. Lulu's FAQs should be up-to-date. Any tips we can offer are based on our experiences and may become out-of-date.

  • Lulu offers a wide range of book sizes. Marketing your future book may seem a long way ahead. If you will want to use one of the marketing (distribution) services offered by Lulu, you need to choose a book size that is eligible for the marketing (distribution) services. See Which books are eligible for Distribution? Marketing (distribution) services will submit your book to Amazon and to catalogues and databases used by booksellers. There are other requirements for distribution some of which, particularly minimum margin size, it is useful to sort out when you start - see Mandatory Requirements for Distribution . If you don't want to use one of the marketing (distribution) services - e.g. you want the book for your own private use or to sell yourself, or to sell only on the Lulu web site, you can choose any size or layout you like. That is one of the joys of self-publishing - creating the book that you want!