The Squires Of Madingley

Another example of my work in progress. "The Squires of Madingley" is a long short story (about 17,000 words) written in about 1904. I have finished transcribing the book from a hand-written magazine. I still have proof-reading to finish, but here is a taster of what is to come.

"Oh there you are, Gerald! Where have you been?"
"Oh, just down to get the second post. I say, Nell, who do you suppose I've got a letter from?"
"Much too lazy to guess. Tomkins, I should think, asking you to lend him another £5."
"Tomkins, indeed. No, it's from Rothes Mackenzie. You remember Rothes, Nell, don't you? You were a kid when he went away."
"Dear me, fancy Rothes turning up! Yes, of course I remember him - but it's ages since we heard anything of him. What does he say? Does he write from Canada?"
"Yes, from Montreal. His old governor died a few weeks ago, and it seems that he had a much bigger interest in the business than anyone thought - in fact he practically owned the lot; so now Rothes finds himself a rich man. Here, you read his letter."
Nell, a pretty dark girl of about 20, reclining lazily in a hammock, held out her hand to receive the thin black edged foreign envelope which her brother handed to her. Gerald brought up a basket chair and set it beside her, and taking a cigarette from his pocket prepared to make himself comfortable.