Taff Lovesey

Taff Lovesey was born in 1959 and raised in and around the valleys of South Wales.

Following a successful Royal Air Force career, Lovesey moved into the computer industry where he has worked in a variety of positions from engineering through to service management.

Following a period of four years living in Oregon, USA during the late 90s, Lovesey returned to the UK and now resides in Lincolnshire, England with his wife and two children in the small but beautiful village of Witham-on-the-Hill.

A fan of all things fantasy and ‘sword and sorcery’ and inspired by writers such as, Garth Nix, Stephen Donaldson, Tolkien, Phillip Pullman and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lovesey in 2006 launched his debut novel, The Spider Gem, book one of The Portal Chronicles.

With the series well received by readers, Lovesey decided to make more time for writing and promoting his work and has now stepped out of corporate life to pursue this path.

Weaving together traditional fantasy elements with new thoughts and ideas, Lovesey succeeds in creating a writing style that provides for an entertaining and pleasurable read.

In addition to his fantasy writing Lovesey has built a wealth of knowledge and experience of the self publishing and print on demand markets and has had a number of related articles published in the industry press as well as white papers and guides on IT subjects applicable to authors.

Lovesey is currently working on the second book in the Portal series, The Shimmering Gate, which should be complete and ready for publishing in early 2007.

Always keen to hear from readers and others he can be reached via email at mailto:taff@lovesey.net.

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