Succulent Savouries

I felt disillusioned, very disappointed and severely let down after tasting the bland and sometimes inedible versions of my favourite foods on the supermarket shelves.
The sausages, faggots, meat pies and pasties on offer were so poor in quality and low in meat content as to be barely legal. The additives and artificial ingredients they contained were so horrendous, that the thought of eating such rubbish filled me with horror.
So I decided to make my own
I started by attending a sausage making course, learning the professional way to make sausages out of the very best cuts of meat. Then I bought a sausage stuffing machine and made my own sausages, experimenting with different meats, spices and herbs. Once I’d got my favourite recipes worked out I started to turn out delicious sausages for family, friends and neighbours.
I then did another course on the principles and practice of hygiene in food preparation and was awarded my certificate from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
After sausages I turned my attention to faggots, trying different mixes until I came up with the very best tasting faggots, filled with real meats, not scraps and preservatives.
Next, I concentrated on pasties and pies using only the best ingredients, lovingly assembling them and cooking them to perfection.
The enthusiasm I felt for my new hobby led me on to devise and cook countless other delicious foods.
If you follow some of these recipes, or modify them to your own tastes you will not be disappointed.