I'm Steppenfreak - AKA Gitface AKA Zainabb Hull. I was born in late 'summer' 1992 (though I'm glad it's not actually very hot or else all of my birthdays would be ruined - I don't like heat) in Middlesex, near North-West London. Most of my childhood was spent travelling around the world - mostly in the East.

I started writing when I was about six. At that age, of course, all of my stories were pathetic and full of commas (because my dad told me that a comma was entered when the narrator takes a 'pause').

Now that I'm finally more mature (believe it or not), I can write semi-decent stories (though I assume they could be improved a lot as well). I'm home-educated - I have been since 2000 - and therefore have more time than most to write - not that anyone would believe that; I've taken about a year just to write half of my current trilogy's plot. I mostly write horrors and fantasies, sometimes mixing those genres in poems. These genres are also my favourite to read. I am currently working on a fantasy trilogy, with another trilogy in mind (Gawd).

I have a fascination with vampires, darkness and 'evil'. Apart from writing, my main hobbies are music, photography and computer art/graphics - none of which I'm any good at.

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