Snow In Naxos

Snow in Naxos


One of my books on Lulu is Snow in Naxos, a selection of photos I took on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades in Greece in February 2004. On this page I will explain some of the background to how I came to be in Naxos one snowy February.

I have been visiting Greece for many years. My first visit to Greece was in 1981. Even that long ago I went to Greece in late October. For many years now I have preferred visiting smaller and quieter islands. I would class Naxos as quite a large island although no doubt many people would class Naxos as small. As tourism in Greece increases I have started visiting Greece in winter. I have visited Greece in November, and February. No doubt soon I will pay a visit in December or January. I did have a flight booked to Greece in a January a few years ago but was not able to go because of a change in job plans.

Many years ago - it must be well over twenty years ago - I went to Corfu. And from Corfu I went to mainland Greece. In Metsovo, a Greek ski resort, I saw small patches of snow. A few years later I went to Crete - is there snow all year round on the White Mountains? I did not venture high enough to see snow in Crete.

Of course I have seen a lot of snow in England. Not deep snow, just enough to cover the ground for a few days each year, and soon turn into a dirty slush. I had never even seen a snow chain. Until February 2004. In Naxos. There are many reasons for going to Greece. Seeing your first snow chain is not usually one of them! And yes, there is a photograph of the snow chain in my book - on a car in Chalki, a village in the centre of Naxos.

to be continued