Signed And Sealed

There are lots of reasons why people buy books. But did you know that a surprising number are bought by partners, wives, fiancees, husbands and ghouls for their loved ones? You didn't? Well, think on it. A good book is better than a film on DVD or video because the pictures are all so much more personal and anyway the stories aren't reduced to a few main strands in order to fit a director's remit. Those of us who love the printed word KNOW that a book can be read and reread far more times than a film can tolerably be watched.Even great fat unbelievably long ones like The Lord of the Rings can be the subject of such an excess of re-reading: I know, because I've done it.


Right. So I've maybe generated a bit of interest. Now here's my offer as a special loving bonus to a special person like you.


Books make a fine present. Birthdays, Christmas, get-well-soon, have a nice hour, that kind of thing. So how about remembering this teensy weensy little commercial for that time when you need something special. And remember - a book's not just for Christmas: it can be for life if you look after it.

And you can probably tell from the descriptions on other pages on this site whether MY books fit the bill. When I'm writing I'm not afraid of going into the nitty gritty of relationships, even when the subject matter might seem that rumpy pumpy in the wilderness is possibly inappropraite, so you can be happy that if I say they're for grown-ups it really means grown-ups in an adult sense. And everything except my children's output is intended for grown-ups. I would hate the idea of a sweet little granny whose only adventure into the carnal world was a shy little kiss when she was twenty-one picking up on of my books and … but wait! Stop! Reverse! If her only carnal adventure was that shy little kiss then she can't possibly be a granny, can she? But you know what I mean.


So you'll know if that special person in your life might want to find one of them at the bottom of his stocking or in his hand-luggage for when his flight's been delayed or next to the lavatory when he's got tummy trouble. No. Strike that last one. It's inappropriate.

You might also need a little light reading matter for a treasured son or daughter, and if you did I couldn't recommend more highly my Officer Gentry and The Ghost of Mavis Adder It's intended for 9-12 year olds and may be incidentally educational, though that wasn't my purpose in writing it. Yet there's nothing wrong with incidental education.


I remember when I was a boy of around the age this book was written for I was an addict of the Biggles books by Captain W. E. Johns, and that enthusiasm spilled over to other books by the same author. One of them was a SF story (set on Mars, but I forget the title) and in it was something deep and meaningful about the greenhouse effect and global warming. Deforestation was the culprit, and I've never forgotten it. Added to my fondness for trees as a consequence of forming a deep and personal friendship with Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings, I have spent my adult life rightly worried about what we are doing to our planet, and I'd say this was a Good Thing. So if a child, reading my work, develops a similar life-changing understanding at a young age, then I would be very proud.


And if you order it from me I'll sign it and include a brief, personal message for no extra charge. The price as advertised by Lulu plus £3 p&p for first class postage. Cheques and Postal Orders only (at the moment). Email me at moc.dlrowltn|nosregor.retep#moc.dlrowltn|nosregor.retep I only carry a small stock of my books so if there is unprecedented demand you may have to wait for around two weeks for new copies to be printed.

Go on. Doesn't that tempt you?

If you're interested you'll find more details of my books just here along with links to Lulu and even more links to sample pages. Aren't I good to you? This site is like one long glorious adventure with me at the end of it, which can't be at all bad!