Promotional tips

10 ways to get you to read a book

The above articleon BBC News contains some tips of use to writers. These reasons why a book sells well were published in the run-up to the announcement of the winner of the Booker Prize.

I have listed the ten suggested ways to get readers to read a book below. The comments are mine, on how as Lulu publishers we could use these suggestions

1. Word of mouth.
Tell your friends and contacts. Put a link to your Lulu Wikidot page at the end of your emails.

2. The book group.
Find out where local book groups meet. Donate a copy of your book for others to see.

3. Richard and Judy.
We can always try!

4. Author.
Don't be shy, give yourself a USP (unique selling point). Mention your USP on your Lulu storefront, your page on this Wiki, and anywhere else you can. Try and make people want to read your books.

5. Art of covers.
Make your cover eye-catching. Look at the type of designs that stand out well on the Lulu storefront.

6. In-store marketing.
Again, we can but try.

7. Rise of prizes.
Have a look at the prizes listed in yearbooks for writers and consider submitting one (or more) of your books.

8. Unusual titles.

Who isn't tempted to at least pick and have a flick through a Salmon Fishing in the Yemen or A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian?

Great scope for us here to choose unusual titles! The challenge is to get a copy in front of potential purchasers.

9. Praise for.
Reader response as well as published reviews.

10. Newspaper serialisation.
Again we can but try. Much easier is putting previews on Lulu or extracts on your Wiki pages.

Good luck.