Paul Wimsett

Paul Wimsett is based in Kent. He is 33 years old. He has several books on Lulu, such as Uncalcuable, a sideways look at the world of maths, such as why you beware shifty types carrying chessboards, Beastery (illustrated by Anne Wimsett) a comic look at mythical and literary beasts, exploring such things as how high Dr Frankenstein's electricity bills were and why Jack O'Lantern is the only famous member of the O'Lantern family. Jokers Livid, an evil pub quizbook which questions like as "What does Obelix do for a living?" He is also a scriptwriter and writes sketches.
There are several Kindes available at Amazon, for instance Half Hour Whodunnits and fairy tales.
Paul's Lulu storefront can be found at