Mayhem In The Valleys

Three Welsh rogues, Danny, Todger and Wassname cause chaos in the valleys’ town where they live. When Customs and Excise raid Todger’s premises to find their illicit liquor still, the lads pour the booze down the drain. A frustrated policeman sits down to have a smoke and drops the lighted match. The explosion causes flames to leap out of the drain pipes and melt the plastic gutters.
Ma Parker who is on the toilet in the house next door screams blue murder as flames leap out from her toilet pan and singe her bum.

Danny flies the hang glider down the mountainside and spots the ginger piece and her boyfriend playing hide the sausage. He swoops so low that he nearly scorches the poor chap’s bottom, and her screams can be heard in the town centre.

From destroying the Rugby Club’s lawnmower to burning down the Legion Hall, the boys, ever willing to help, always somehow end up causing devastation.

But will they really help Anarchy Edwards blow up the Welsh Assembly?