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About Me

A retired professional electronics engineer with a master in Multimedia and a lifetime experiences in computing I'm not an author or editor but a designer in that I create the layout of and typeset books using text, photographs and illustrations from others. I've been publishing books for several years but using traditional printers and distribution methods. This has been fine for books with print runs in excess of 1,000 copies but most restrictive for small quantities. I also publish a quarterly magazine typically 48 pages in an A4 format.
I stumbled across Lulu by accident at the beginning of February and I immediately saw it as the opportunity to publish many more books were only small quantities are required by the authors. I am most impressed with the quality of books printed using Lulu and the costs for short runs are very attractive.

The Software Tools I use

Most text arrives on my desk in Microsoft Word although occasional I do receive Word perfect and Microsoft works documents. All page and book design is carried out using Adobe InDesign which I have now been using for some five years when it then replaced Pagemaker. Most graphics work, mainly the manipulation and preparation of photographs, is done using Adobe Photoshop wioth occasional use of Macromedia Fireworks. Final page layouts are exported from InDesign to EPS files and then the pre-press PDFs created using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

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Try My Services

I'm quite happy to help UK Lulu'ers in preparing their work for publication so if you are having problems in creating a PDF of your book then please feel free to contact me for help and assistance. I'll happily create PDFs for you and if necessary stitch together a number PDFs into just one.
If you'd like me to take your Word documents and them properly typeset laying them out using professional page layout and book design software again just ask.
I don't normally charge for my services as I'm only to willing to help out UK Lulu'ers. I do appreciate receiving a copy of the final product once it is complete and published.
The only one condition I make is that - I will not handle any work or documents that I personaly consider to be offensive or un-ethical.

Here are some of my Books

The Forgotten Punch in the Army's Fist by John Dutton


The story of the War in Korea and of the part played by the REME from 1950 to 1953 as told by various individuals of that Corps, makes fascinating reading. The support and devotion to their colleagues is most apparent, but typical of the British soldier, these experiences are balanced with a sense of sympathy for the unfortunate Korean civilian population caught up in the conflict, and it wouldn't be a true story of the British soldier without its sprinkling of 'squaddie' humour. John Dutton has provided an excellent compilation of personal accounts in this comprehensive story of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at war where the positioning of Light Aid Detachments and Field Workshops was just as important to senior commanders in their tactical planning as was the medical back-up of a Regimental Aid Post or a Field Ambulance.

TeeCee's Arborfield Odes by Tony Church


An illustrated collection of amusing and sometimes poignant verses relating to the life and times of and at the Arborfield Army Apprentices School, Arborfield. This book well deserves a place on the fireside table of anyone who served at Arborfield as Tony Church has captured in his writing so much of the life of an Army Apprentice.

A History of Greatham by Peter Gripton


The earliest known documented evidence of Greatham can be found in the Doomsday survey book of 1086, where the Manor of Greatham is mentioned. Since then the village has had an interesting history which is well told by the editor Peter Gripton in this well illustrated book..

Collared by God by the Rev Paul S Duffett


This book chronicles the life of an ordinary parson from his schooldays through his experiences at College and ordination to then working in his first church in Portsmouth. The recollections of his time spent with the Abanta Bazulu in South Africa make particularly fascinating reading. On returning to the UK he tells of life in the community first in Hampshire and then in a Cambridgeshire village before retiring. For any Christian this book is surely worthy of a place in the home.

Coming to Spain

Here are a couple of useful books if you're planning on living or holidaying in Spain.

Tell the Doctor by Jenny Bussey Gripton


An English Spanish phrase book to help you communicate on medical matters.
This second edition now contains useful information on using the Spanish health and social services.

Cooks Dictionary of Food by Ken Anderson


An English Spanish cooks dictionary of food that is invaluable when shopping for groceries, vegetables, meat and fish in the Spanish shops, supermarkets and open air markets. Find out what to look for and also understand what is on the shelves. A full section of this booklet is devoted to fish.

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