Dorian Pratt

Melting Worlds (book)
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In the distant future, a drug smuggler disappears after meeting with a vicious dealer, and his lover, Jess Ichikawa, a young, emotionally unstable swordswoman, sets out to find him. Accompanied by her sole friend, a singing, genetically modified toad, she finds herself in the middle of a brutal, complex struggle between interstellar criminal gangs that takes her from one strange world to another and brings her into conflict with various deadly mobsters and deviants.

Drawing on story-telling conventions from India, Melting Worlds is an absurd, poetic, grotesque, and unclassifiable tale enlivened with wild, impossible action, byzantine plots, ornate descriptions, outlandish technologies, introspective moments, bizarre occurrences, and philosophical allusions.

Pest Control (e-book)
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On a distant world in the far future, a man regales his son with the deeds of Governor Smith, the great hero who had long before made their home habitable for humankind. Although Governor Smith performed his great feat by wiping out the intelligent natives, they were, after all, annoying, loud, ugly, and flatulent.

De Profundis (e-book)
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A scientist, newly arrived at a colony on a distant world, begins an investigation of an ancient alien spacecraft. Unfortunately, his efforts release a malevolent entity that seduces the man's daughter and threatens the lives of all those it encounters.

Dragon Driver (e-book)
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A vicious killer is recruited to bring in a new age of space exploration. As this man subsequently tames the strange, otherworldly creature being used to move the warship he is stationed on, and indulges in his cruel pleasures, he simultaneously wins and loses his humanity.