Hislop's Nigerian Nightmare

A run of the mill investigation, based on infidelity is the start of Hislop, the overweight, cowardly detective’s task. Employed by a former girl friend to get the goods on her husband’s activities with his personal assistant, starts off the big man’s nightmare. The husband is involved with a gang of Nigerian crooks who steal expensive luxury cars in the U.K. They are stripped down to their component parts and shipped out to Nigeria. Hislop’s task is to travel to Nigeria on behalf of H.M. Revenue and Customs, locate where the car parts are collected and find the Nigerian crooks involved in the lucrative business. But the most important part of the investigation changes, and Hislop discovers that the Nigerians source millions of pounds worth of drugs and ship them into the U.K. to flood our streets with cocaine, causing misery and despair. He is assured that he will be in no personal danger, he will have complete back – up, that his every whim will be attended to, and that he will earn a lot of money. He listens and is convinced, but is any job that easy?