Dog And Other Stories

'Dog And Other Stories' is a collection of three short horror stories: 'Dog', 'A Rural Sanctuary', and 'The Dare'.

'Dog' - a man's pet dog goes missing for a while, but later returns. The man is very pleased to have his dog back - but finds his beloved pet is not quite the same…

'A Rural Sanctuary' - Callum and his step-father, John, have moved into a newly-inherited country house. Callum, used to the city, doesn't like the idea and the fact that he has to live with his step-dad just makes things worse. And then strange things start to happen around the house, which Callum is blamed for. Is he going mad, or is there more to it?

'The Dare' - Marty has got himself into a dare with the school bully. To make sure he can do his school project, Marty has to break into Mr Owen's house in the middle of the woods, steal his favourite china plate, and get it back to the bully. Mr Owen, though, is a very violent man, with an equally vicious Rottweiler - and, apparently, a shotgun…

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Dog And Other Stories

This piece of work has been made by Zainabb Hull - SteppenfreakSteppenfreak