Cats Of Katapola

Cats of Katapola is one of my books on Lulu. How did the book come about?

A few years ago I was strolling round Chora, the main inland village of Amorgos, in the Cyclades in Greece. I was taking photographs with my then new digital camera. Quite a few of the photographs were of cats. A fellow tourist was also strolling round the pathways of Chora. Inevitably we kept meeting at different corners. According to some of the guide books many Greek villages were designed (if "designed" is the right word for such an apparently haphazard layout) so that pirates entering a village would get lost.

Back to the fellow tourist. She asked me if I was one of those people who took photos to go in calendars. No I wasn't, not then. But so the germ of an idea was born.

I created the Cat Lit website, a selection of cat photographs and quotations about cats. Cat Lit grew into Cat Lit 1, Cat Lit 2, Cat Lit 3 and Cat Lit 4. I then discovered Lulu, and started publishing books. To start with I published written books. I had been toying with producing a book version of Cat Lit, but producing a book of a photographs was a little daunting. Then Lulu introduced "photobooks", a much easier way of publishing photos in book form. I selected some of my favourite cat photos, and put them into the first version of Cats of Katapola. After another visit to Katapola, I made some changes to the photos in the book. Many of the photos I retained were those which my human guinea pigs had said "Ooh!" and "Aah!" to!

Katapola is the main port of the island of Amorgos. The name of the village has nothing to do with cats. The name means "low place" - kata is Greek for low.

I now have plenty of photos lined up for More Cats of Katapola, and perhaps Even More Cats of Katapola!

I have added a "visiting cat" page. These cats may or may not be featured in my book. See which cat is passing by today.

I have also started including in the Visiting Cat page some of the images from Cats Galore, another of my Lulu stores.

to be continued

NB For technical reasons the quality of the larger "visiting cat" images is not as good as those in the book. Other images are from myCats Galore Lulu store