As Brisky As A Body Louse

One of the books I am working on is As Brisky as a Body Louse.

You can read an article I wrote about phrase books here

I did take the title As Brisky as a Body Louse from a genuine phrase book!
Octoglotton was published in Amsterdam around 1700. The Octoglotton contains (surprise, surprise!) phrases in eight languages (French, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Flemish, and English). The Octoglotton is not arranged in any logical sequence, but is a mixture of phrases which could possibly be of use to a traveller ("There lies your way, follow your nose"), and less useful expressions ("As fine and brisky as body louse" and "Her eyes look like farthing candles in a skull."). Here are some other phrases from the Octoglotton

It is so cold that it freezes between two in a bed.
I hate her as a toad.
He hath defiled his breeches.
Your love is not worth a cows turd.
She had much ado to hold her water.
I shall break your neck.